• Sunderland University2016-04-29
    The University of Sunderland has been transforming its City Campus through a series of landmark building projects. The University has close links with industry, and is internationally recognised for its strong track record in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences and environmental sciences.
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  • Valley Invicta Primary School2016-04-12
    Valley Invicta Primary, Leybourne Chase, is a new school built in the heart of the Kent countryside. The layout and design of the school and grounds provide a safe and secure environment for pupils, staff and visitors, including children with special educational needs.
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Suspended Ceiling Systems

The modern working environment has evolved over many years and lots of workplaces, institutions, establishments and organisations boast innovative, up to date and aesthetically pleasing surroundings in order to maintain a comfortable working environment for all. Suspended ceilings were initially designed to conceal unsightly building and construction elements such as wiring and pipework. This creates a professional, presentable space that provides a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

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